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Videos of Demons in the Academy AAR session

We’re very excited to finally be able to present the full recording of our parallel session “Demons in the Academy” at the 2011 AAR meeting in San Francisco. For newcomers, you can read all about it here, and the list of abstracts and speaker bios is available in the box next to this one. These videos may be freely shared and embedded, however they may not be tampered with or edited in any way. Copyright remains with the speakers. A pdf of most of the papers is available for download below. Some papers have been omitted by request of the speakers.

Don’t miss the discussion session, with valuable input from Prof. Antoine Faivre and a response to the panel from Prof. Wouter Hanegraaff


Download the full set of  papers from the Demons in the Academy session absolutely FREE! Click on the link below to download now. Click here to watch the entire set of lectures on our Youtube channel.  

Download papers

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